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Our Services

At VidMedia, you get a complete suite of digital services that go beyond the traditional scope to amaze the viewer. We offer everything from meeting coverage to Video-On-Demand management. Safe to say, we have all of what you might need to impress your viewers. Our mission is to shine a bright light on the things you wish for us to focus on so that your viewers not only understand the message delivered but resonate with it as well.

Video Production

Our all-inclusive video production service offers the perfect opportunity to cover your events through our tailor-made efforts. You can avail a perfectly edited video that reflects the essence of the moment in an unmatched way bound to make an impression on every viewer. This service also includes a minimum of 3 cameras or more according to the scope and popularity of your event.

Live Streaming

We understand that certain events must be recorded live for the public to view in real-time over the internet. Not only does this require considerable expertise but also the use of the right technologies. Rest assured, we have more than just the two. You can avail our live streaming service as a complement to video production or even stand-alone depending on your unique needs.

Memorial Services

Losing someone you love can feel like a world of pain and it's even worse when you can’t be there to say your goodbyes. However, our live stream service allows you to be virtually present at the memorial and bid your farewell, even if it's through the screen .

Special Events

We know how much certain special events mean to you. From graduations that mark your transition into adulthood to political events that commemorate the appointment of an official, we offer the most reliable video production and live stream service for it all.


Be it a worldwide summit or an international business conference, we can cover the event to add to your formal archive. Our experts deliver the right solutions depending on the type of conference being recorded. From seminars to symposiums, we will provide the kind of end-to-end visual services you seek.

Panel Discussions

Our formal video production and live stream styles are perfect for panel discussions where great minds come to think and pitch in ideas. Safe to say, we take a sophisticated approach to coverage so that what is captured on screen is an exact representation of the discussion.

Virtual Events

Who said virtual events are any less than those hosted onsite? As the world shifts online, virtual events such as webinars and zoom conferences are here to stay. So, whether you need help with live streaming or professional video production, rely on us for unbeatable digital solutions.


We are fully equipped to cover a wide range of professional sports events including Cricket, Football, Volleyball, and much more. With capable players on the field, there are various redefining match moments you’re eager to catch on-screen and that’s exactly where we come in. Our top-notch video production and live streaming coverage offer your viewers a one-of-a-kind chance to watch the match.


Need us to cover concerts, music festivals and theatre? We’ve already got you covered. Our stellar expertise combined with sound-sensitive equipment ensures amazing videos and live streams that make the viewer feel like they’re at the place of the event.